Friday, February 18, 2011

2nd City Hostel Drink and Draw

For the past two months (during the Third Thusday Belltown Art-Walk) we've been holding Drink and Draw events at City Hostel Seattle in Belltown, Seattle.

The images here are from last night's session with John Osgood, Zachary Bohnenkamp, SENSEI 23, Lynn Schirmer, Henry, and myself (Matthew Lewis). We didn't plan on a theme for the evening, but after the brewski-flow... two topics surfaced, man-peens and the all-seeing Wilfred Brimley (most courageous performance).

Aaaaaaaannnnndddd.... thanks to Lorenzo and Lisa for dropping by with the bottle of champagne! Awesome times.

Super-Aaaaaaaaannnnddd.... if you want to see some pics from the inaugural City Hostel Drink and Draw, check out the Bherd blog post, here. I will try to get some scans of the art up on this site, in the future.

We will be holding this event monthly at City Hostel Seattle every Third Thursday during the Belltown ArtWalk, around 7.30pm. So drop by and have a gander.